Beehive-Inspired living for the future!

Of course, when I am talking about future inspiration coming form a beehive, I am naturally talking about an actual beehive and not from a building in central Wellington.

Part residential building and part vertical farm, this concept by Mexican firm Xome Arquitectos has been designed to become a complete mini ecosystem. This building is able to collect it’s own rainwater, grow it’s own food, generate it’s own energy and house residents.

It is projected that by 2050 the majority of the worlds population will live in urban areas. The design of this building was based around the idea that it would be necessary to create self-sustaining ecosystems to cope with human populations.

I’m a huge fan of urban farming projects and vertical farms. This combination is really exciting to me! Renewable energy systems on the roof generate power for the building and rainwater is collected to be used for showers, toilets and hydroponics. Food is grown in the center of the building so that all residents are able to access the growing areas and contribute to the production of food.

Unfortunately, this design is meant for London and I don’t expect our governemnt to be so forward as to give the Wellington Beehive such an upgrade. Still, we can hope!

To find out more about this design click here.


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