Creating The Permaculture Balcony Garden

Okay guys. Now we are all really out of excuses. I was looking for permaculture resources in urban spaces and I stumbled upon a great article about implementing balcony permaculture.

This article talks about how to design, implement and maintain your balcony permaculture project with specific reference to the challenges faced by people in large high-rise buildings.  To check it out – Click here.

You will be amazed at how much you can grow in a really small area. By creating a closed system, it means that after the initial investment, growing your own food becomes very cost effective. Composting systems such as small worm farms are ideal for these kinds of projects. There are also lots of great rain water collection contraptions that make life a lot easier.

Here is a really great case study by someone working on a balcony permaculture project: Click here.

Save money, get healthy, save the planet. Win.


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