Reverence for Bees – Water!

People often don’t think that our little bee friends may find it difficult to gain access to clean drinking water, especially when being kept in urban areas, so here is a great sollution. Build a bee drinking station!

This bee waterer is designed to make sure the bees don’t fall into the water while trying to drink. If bees float on water, they have a hard time taking off. This waterer gives bees the ability to get all the water they want whild keeping their feet on something firm.

Jacqueline talks about how she uses just clean well water. Sometimes she will add a little seaweed to help the bees get some micronutrients.

As you know, we keep Urban Bee’s here at the Cells of Earth garden and they have been really generous to me by providing me with a huge supply of raw honey and keeping everything in the garden well pollinated. Building one of these for them is the least I can do. I’ll post up a video of this soon! :)





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