Scientific Literature on Fluoride


Now I have talked about Fluoride on Cells of Earth before and so I’m sure most for most of you it’s pretty obvious which side of the fence I am sitting on. Still, here in New Zealand water fluoridation has become a hot topic again due to Hamilton City making a decision to remove it form their water supply.

The main reason for my writing this post is that (mainly thanks to the mainstream media) there seems to be a common misconception that there are no legitimate scientific studies showing the harmful effects of water fluoridation. This simply is not true. Thankfully, Second Look has compiled a detailed list of these studies which really make it clear.

Please click here for:  A Bibliography of Scientific Literature on Fluoride. 

I warmly invite the next person to try and tell me there is ‘simply no scientific evidence in the case against fluoride’ to visit this website and spend the next week of their lives blissfully surrounded in much loved double blind, peer reviewed studies.

If nothing else, there should be more than enough there to at least cast a doubt. And really, when it comes to our health, a doubt is all that should be necessary. Fluoride is extremely difficult to remove from our water supply without the help of (very expensive) specialist filters such as a reverse osmosis filter. Should it come down to an argument of personal choice, in my opinion it is much cheaper and simpler for someone who wishes to have fluoride in their diet to simply take a fluoride tablet, than for someone to invest in the expensive equipment necessary to try and remove it from their water.


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