The Human Antenna

In this video, ‘The Human Antenna’ author Dr. Robin Kelly talks to us about his own journey of discovery in medicine and the new paradigm of health and healing.

‘What if our physical bodies were perpetually being formed upon an invisible field of information? And what if this field was one vital and integral part of the same field underlying the physical structure of our universe, holding all the information and wisdom of its past and present? And what if, by being a knowing contributor to this field, each of us could create a blissful and peaceful future not only for ourselves and our planet, but for our whole universe?’ – Dr. Robin Kelly

Originally, this interview was recorded in 2007 as part of a larger documentary film that was never completed, but the content of the interview is too good to not be shared.

Dr. Robin Kelly’s books can be found here:




  1. Melissa Reply

    That is fantastic! Great video! wish there was more!

    4 yearss ago


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