Cells of Earth

So many people talk about ideas of global transformation and the need for a more sustainable and brighter future for humanity and the planet. After all, you don’t have to watch the news for long to know that we are collectively facing some pretty massive problems at the moment. Global warming, peek oil, economic collapse to name only a few. The problem is, so few of us know what we can actually do about it. The problem just seems to big and out of our hands. After all, just living is a big enough struggle sometimes.

It’s easy to say that we all need to think of ourselves as a global community, part of the planet, live sustainable lives and in doing so we will find the key to our continued survival in harmony with the earth. However, there is a very important question that needs to be answered.

What does it really mean to be part of the planet?

How should we do things differently? What would life be like if we turned our heads towards a sustainable future and really took action instead of living out our lives the same old way.

Within your body are about 50 trillion cells, who all work for the greater good of you. What would happen if we as humans began to think of ourselves as cells of the earth? How would our actions and behaviors change? Were would we even start?

Over the next year of my life, that’s what I intend to find out. I’m going to attempt to dive into the core of what it means to be a part of the planet earth. I’m going to look at all aspects of our lives; government, technology, ecology, food, medicine, business, education, money and much more to attempt to answer the question; can we live happy, healthy lives while at the same time, being helpful to the planet earth?

Not only that, during the course of the year I’m going to test out as many of the principles that I discover as possible to see how hard it really is to start integrating these ideas into daily, western, urban life.

Wish me luck.

 - Bryce